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Preschool Initiative

Apple Tree Preschool & Learning Center is proud to share with our families that we are a part of the Sioux City Preschool Initiative Program. This program was created to increase access to quality preschool programs for the families in the Siouxland area. The program consists of community preschools, child care centers, and the Sioux City Community Schools. Our center has participated since its inception in the Sioux City area in the Fall of 2007.

By participating in this program we have agreed to maintain a high level of quality in our preschool program. Indicators of a quality preschool are:


  • An early childhood teacher who holds an Iowa teaching license

  • A teacher assistant who meets certain education criteria

  • Staff attending on-going early childhood professional development

  • Implementation of a research-based early childhood curriculum

  • Assessment of children's developmental and pre-academic skills on an ongoing basis

  • Offer opportunities for families to be involved in their child's education (conferences, volunteering, family nights, at home activities and home visits)

  • Meets Iowa Quality Preschool Program Standards that are verified by the Iowa Department of Education

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