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Our Programs

At Apple Tree we introduce children to areas their natural curiosity encourages them to explore such as how their body works, nature, the solar system, and foreign cultures. We include math concepts, language arts, pre-reading skills, music, art, science and more.

Hands on experience will enrich concept development, promote multi-sensory integration and create an ability to think and reason as the challenge of each new task is met.

Infants &


Apple Tree provides early learning experiences as well as security, love and nurturance. Our well equipped programs are specifically designed to encourage coordination development and intellectual exploration. Nursery rhymes, lullabies and lots of holding and hugging are an important part of each day.


Year Olds

Our program is designed to provide an opportunity for children to learn to positively interact with their environment by developing self-control, cooperation, and communication. They will begin to learn to count, identify letters, colors, and shapes, and to sing and dance. Signs of readiness for toilet training will be met with patience and guidance as we work with parents to achieve this goal.


Year Olds


Apple Corps

The Apple Corps is our special program for children attending elementary school. Transportation is provided to and from local schools. This exciting program offers enjoyable activities in a safe and supervised environment.

Our busy three year olds will be introduced to the sounds and shapes of the alphabet and the numbers 1 through 10. Reading readiness and language skills will be developed through story telling, puppets, flannel boards and learning units. Interest centers which compliment the weekly themes will be available to allow them to explore. Field trips, music, physical fitness, arts and crafts will all be a part of their day.

Four & Five

Year Olds

Our curious four and five year olds are eager to learn about themselves, other children and the world at large. They will explore special topics designed to stimulate their growing interests and expand their social and communication skills. Creativity and individuality will be stressed through creative dramatics, clay modeling, music, painting and drawing. Daily outdoor play, aerobics and parachute activities offer plenty of exercise and motor development.

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